Saturday, December 11

Rihanna's hairstyle hit - Part 2

I know I'm being a little mono-thematic as of late with my posts about celebrities. I just slowly develop these fixations with the way some of them never cease to surprise me, in a good way. Only a month ago I couldn't get enough of Rihanna's red-hair look as you might remember from this post. A few days after I wrote about it she proceeded to add some hideous hair extensions, also in red, which completely put me off. She kept those for about two weeks but it was way too long for Ri-Ri. She is back in town for the X Factor finale and she's gone back to the short hair do that made her famous in a more natural colour than we've seen over the last few months. And so, I am back as fan #1 of her look. I find the her short hair very flattering and sexy. It also adds to whatever she wears, which is what everyone should want from a haircut. As part of her latest outfit she wore a very cool camouflage hat that complimented the leather and knit grey outfit and that, together with the pink backpack, injected the right amount of colour.
What do you think of Rihanna's style changes? Are you a fan?
I'm off.



lostinmypocket said...

i'm not really into such extreme makeovers... but i must admit she dares!! actually, i think her hair in the 'only girl in the world' video matches perfectly with the setting!

Is This Real Life? said...

ah i so agree with you here. I was totally in love with rihannas hair when she first had it red i thought it just suited her skin tone perfectly and i loved the style of it in her whats my name video it just looked amaze, but when it got longer (and curler) i was not much of a fan. It looks like its a really nice colour here though!

Juliet said...

She looks much better this way!

juliet xxx