Monday, December 20

soVIPzone in Flair magazine

A few months back, while I was on a trip around Tuscany with my flatmate, I was contacted by Flair magazine. They wanted to run a feature about me as a blogger and about my experience on soVIPzone. I was, of course, extremely flattered and even more excited! And just as excited I got when I first saw this image below including my picture and the feature. I can't wait to have the magazine in my hands! Check out Flair magazine here. Also, a big big thanks goes out to Maria, who treated me so well!
I'm off.



Nuria said...

ooouuuu yeah!

lillette gobin said...

wowwwww!!!!!!!!! bueno era de esperar que alguien quisiera hablar de ti!!!! lo mereces querido mio! ^^mis maaaaaaaaasssssssssss efusivas enhorabuenas! hihi!!!!!! :)))))))) :D que genialidad!!!!

E. said...

No one is more deserving of this honour! You're writing, approach, collages, and style are all stellar. As you know, I love your blog.


And Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

Juliet said...

Merry Christmas!

juliet xxx

kellina said...

Congratulations and Happy New Year!!! How exciting!!!