Sunday, January 16

Best dressed of the weekend: Bows, the good and the bad

Seeing as I have no inspiration to make a collage for today and since the Golden Globes are tonight and they will occupy tomorrow's post I thought it just made sense to post the 'Best dressed of the weekend' today. I don't know if it's because I actually look for pictures more avidly during the weekend but I'll never cease to repeat how much better everyone looks then. This weekend Kristen Dunst slipped into an absolutely stunning Rodarte, which worked so well with the simple girly hair and the dark eye shadow. Let me remember, however, Chloe Sevigny's amazing Rodarte moment from a couple days before. It's quite a coincidence how I should include Olivia Wilde on a post for the first time just when I have decided to start of The O.C. season two. I like her even more as a brunette and her A.L.C. has that kind of "I'm still a surfer girl" vibe to it. It's simple yet interesting and the nude and bronze colours really compliment her skin. Michelle Williams continues on her quest to have me forever in awe. This time she did it with a vintage-inspired Balenciaga dress. If you only look at the top half of the dress you're almost expecting a classic cocktail number, which is why the embroidered scalloped hem is simply genius. It suited her simple styles with heaps of sophistication. And lastly, someone I hardly ever like. Eva Mendes looked incredible in a sheer lace and chiffon Valentino culminating in an oversized black bow to the shoulder (proving Dannii Minogue had no clue what she was doing). What's fair is fair.
Now, this is not part of a best dressed list by any means. But I also didn't think I could let this moment go unnoticed. Some of you UK residents might have watched 'The Devil Wears Prada' last night (or maybe I was the only loser who spent his saturday night like that). If not, I am sure none of you feel like I'm talking about some obscure film. Funny they should decide to play it on the weekend when Jennifer Love Hewitt chose her horrendous Paule Ka dress. And I say funny because it was almost identical to the red "James Holt" dress exclusively designed to Miranda and which causes the "pursing of the lips".
I'm off.

PS. I would have totally included Leighton Meester in SS11 Marc Jacobs if the pictures had been out by the time I started editing.



Kirstie Marié said...

Perfect choices! Kirsten Dunst has to be by far my favourite, that Rodarte look is so feminine and I love how she hasn't overpowered it with extravagant hair and make up.

P.S. I too spent my Saturday night watching The Devil Wears Prada. Your not a loser!

Lindsey said...

Amazing! That Rodarte dress is absolutely stunning. And ohmigod that IS the James Holt dress! If they include how awful that dress is in a movie, maybe you should steer clear of it? I don't know, just a thought. :)