Monday, January 24

Best dressed of the weekend: Leather is in

I had been looking out for great celebrity spottings during the weekend but, apart from the classic Jessica Alba weekend moment, there was nothing I wanted to post about. That changed this morning when I came across these pictures of Kate Bosworth and Leighton Meester in Chloé and Michael Kors. You would think both dresses are by the same designer as they seem like the cocktail and gown version of the same dress, no? I love how the Chloé number looks very Bosworth (aka: girly but simple and not too form-hugging) and how Leighton looks much like an amazon. Her hair really compliments the look.
My other spotting (picture on the right) has me quite excited. Elizabeth Olsen (A & MK's younger sister) made her Sundance debut this weekend while presenting "Martha Marcy May Marlene", her first movie. She had had very small parts in her sister's films from back in the day and now she's breaking through. And I say I am excited because it sounds like she is very talented but also because she has clearly inherited the Olsen genes of beauty and style. She is incredibly cute! She's got that broad Olsen smile and her style, while very different from her sisers' fashion-forwardness, seems quite cool so far. What do you think?

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Neil james @ He died of beauty said...

Leighton is as stunning as ever.