Monday, January 10

Best dressed of the weekend

I might or might not make of 'Best dressed of the weekend' a weekly feature on soVIPzone but the fact is that I find celebrities to be better dressed on weekends. Perhaps it's because they let the most personal part of their style breathe through when they are relaxed. This weekend we saw a rather demure (yes, you read correctly) Gaga wearing a Sally LaPointe SS11 dress, which seemed perfect for a woman's wedding day as long as she's actually attending her husband's-to-be funeral. I did, however, really liked the outfit and how the silhouette works great with Gaga. Her hair is also looking phenomenal at the moment. Let's hope she stays like that for another two or three days. Jessica Alba (on whom I've been fixating my eyes a lot lately) made it evident that she doesn't need any designer cocktail dresses and hours of hair and make-up to look incredible. This weekend she slipped into a grandpa cardi, which she wore with leggings and battered brown leather boots. I particularly liked the choice of earrings (despite my odd feelings towards hoops) and of sunglasses. I do believe a big Proenza PS1 would've finished the look quite well, no?
Lastly, we have Natalie Portman. I am still hurt that she never called to inform me of her engagement and bun in the oven before I found out online. But that's another story. She attended the Palm Springs International Film Festival wearing a unknown-so-far Vionnet SS11 sort of chemise dress with golden cuffs and neck. Personally, I found the choice not only exquisite on her but also quite apt for the occasion as it looked like what a (tasteful) ice skater or ballet dancer would wear. I am still hoping for THE Rodarte dress... Maybe for her wedding?
I'm off.


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