Thursday, January 13

Céline Pre-Fall 2011

I often try to refrain not only from posting but also from saving or even looking at the pictures of the infamous "in-between" seasons. Sometimes, extremely talented people like Karl Lagerfeld create collections like his last Cruise one, which make me have to swallow my words. Cases like the Kaiser's are rare, though. We are currently in that time of the year when Pre-Fall collections keep coming out. I haven't really had a look at any in particular but I knew Céline deserved some of my time. Phoebe Philo has managed the imaginable —to create an exciting line for Pre-Fall. I particularly love how she has combined traditional materials like tweed and wool with other more modern ones like PVC. She's done so in a manner that makes me think of Balenciaga and the innovations that Ghesquière introduces there. and then there's also something almost Prada-esque. And it's not only because of the fox tails but because Philo, just like Miuccia, seems to understand how a designer can push the boundaries without risking wearability. I'm really hoping Viviana Volpicella and Aurora Sansone will be sporting some of these pieces in February for fashion month.
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