Sunday, January 9

Collage Sunday, 09.01.11

EmmanuelleAltEDCHEFWho else, but the new Rédactrice en chef of Vogue Paris. Giulia and I were at first unsure of whether Emmanuelle Alt would replace Carine Roitfeld as the head of the French bible. Thinking it throughly, there is probably no one (except Carine herself) who knows as much about the magazine as Emmanuelle does. Style-wise, she epitomises a new kind of French woman. She retains that chicness for which they've always been famous but she mixes it with different references. She's a big fan of rock elements like the biker jacket or the leather pants but she just as easily wears military-inspired coats, breton tops and skinny jeans. It's the kind of very refined, almost minimalistic style that one normally sees on the streets. (Even though I have a friend who dresses exactly like her, only she's blonde. Yes, I'm talking about you, S.) We wish Emmanuelle all the best and we can't wait to see what she does for her first cover. After all, some of Vogue Paris' most famous editorials were styled by her.  - Bon Dimanche!

I'm off.

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Gandhi meets Chanel said...

I was thrilled when i heard she was going to replace carine . She has a great sense of fashion can't wait for the next issue to see her work .

Jillian Hobbs said...

so damn exciting for her... tho i will miss carine dearly