Monday, January 17

Golden Globes 2011 Apendix

I promised I'd be back with more. This second post has a bit of really good fashion and another bit of quite horrific catastrophes. But let's start with the good. Annette Bening has been the first celebrity (to my knowledge) to wear Tom Ford to an event. I don't understand why no one is talking about this and why it was so hard to find a good picture of a beautiful and elegant woman only because she's older. She absolutely rocked the velvet-dotted sheer dress and I loved the crazy messy hair and the geek-chic glasses. I was also glad she wore Tom because that meant Julianne (in a Lanvin I'm not too keen on) wouldn't, which can only mean she is wearing Tom to the Oscar's. Hurrah! Angelina knows green is her ally. It really compliments her hair and it brings out her eyes. Her Atelier Versace was a stunning piece of understated glamour, which, sadly, wasn't matched by the hair. She was going for a natural effortless kind of look and I would have almost bought it if I hadn't seen her putting lip gloss on all through the show. And lastly, a woman who I should have put as number one because not only she is incredibly attractive but she also makes a bold choice after the other. Tilda Swinton slipped into one of Jil Sander's SS11 quasi-Couture numbers and she literally got me off my seat.
Before I start on the bad I want you to notice how I have included among them a face whose style I usually praise. I have because, sadly, it's where she belongs this time but also to prove that I am an objective person. Michelle Williams chose Valentino (yet again) but she was wrong —it's not a safe choice ever since Garavani stopped signing sketches. The fabric of her Pre-Fall 2011 dress would make beautiful pillows for your back yard's furniture but as a dress it makes Spring feel like in the middle of December. Christina Aguilera in Zuhair Murad. She's halfway in (or out) of it and the nude lining did not help. She should know a woman must cover her shoulders when she's got more than a fold between her arm and her, ahem, bust. I will use this over and over again (because I think it's witty). It was grotesque. And then we have JLo from the seas channeling some Ariel in another Zuhair Murad (go figure). Her invite said fancy dress so she called Mariah Carey for advice and opted for a glittery take on a jellyfish costume accompanied by some very original eye make up, which I can only describe as silver-incrusted sleep.

I'm off.


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E. said...

I so enjoyed your take on the looks! I agree about Christina - the dress is working against her (and I agree with the rule of thumb of covering the shoulders).

We part company on Tilda lol. She's definitely a trail blazer though.

And it's so incredibly, painfully true about Michelle's dress. Yard pillows it is. Too bad, since I love both Michelle & Valentino.