Tuesday, January 11

The (Victoria) Beckham Empire

It's quite funny how as I started preparing this post last Sunday as the news of Victoria's pregnancy flooded twitter. I personally don't know where she finds the time to be a mother but it looks like she's doing an excellent job so far.  I do wonder if she keeps trying for the girl she still doesn't have or if she wants to make a fashionable version of  'The Brady Bunch' in a few year's time.
In any case, it's admirable how she has managed (not without a lot of effort and plenty of time) to get away from the WAG status and be her own person. I have always liked her (she was my favourite Spice Girl) and I always found her fashion and hairstyle choices absolutely fascinating. But what I am most keen on is her fashion line. It's an undeniable fact that she has had an incredible success in the industry since the launch of her first line. And it must have felt excellent to prove wrong all the people who didn't believe she had the brains to do it.
This month, almost like a good omen for the year, she covers the front of the first British Vogue of 2011 (Feb issue) looking quite 90's but also very contemporary and fresh. This cover is one of my favourite ones from the British bible and it's also the best VB cover yet. Also, she didn't do her signature pose. The mag has also cut down on cover text a little, which makes me very happy. I can't wait to have this issue to see her editorial inside and, even more so, to read the interview.
All of this Victoria Beckham news got me looking at her past collections and at what she's doing at the moment. I did not know this until now but she also has a range of accessories, which includes totes, clutches and travelling bags. Looking at the collection I realised I had seen most of them before worn by her. I had previously been in awe of the big suitcase-y ones in black and ivory she travels with. There is a beautiful air of the 50's in the range, which I obviously love. But they also feel (like her Vogue cover) very clean and current. And it was extremely clever of her to be seen using the different models so that we know they're also useful classic items one can use in various situations. The price range and stockists have not been published yet, as the line is part of SS11 and still won't hit stores for a couple of weeks. But one thing is certain, they're going to be another hit.
I'm off.

[Pictures: TFS, JustJared.buzznet.com, Celebrity-Gossip.net, RDuJour.com]


Penny Dreadful said...

I know lots of people don't like her but I always thought she came across as very down to earth. And I really like her collection, it has such an elegant simplicity.

mar said...

I think v rocks.She is always so chic and elegant.Enough with the oversized t shirts and jeans and hippy style.That s what women should wear on their 30's.I absolutely love her!
follow meeee xxx

Paloma said...

Me gustan mucho!


Juliet said...

Great post!

juliet xxx

Diary of Style said...

Her bags are amazing!