Friday, February 18

Anja and her boys

Today the March issue of Vogue España hits the newstands. Now, I know I often say this or that is the best cover so far but I genuinely mean it this time. This feels quite different from what Vogue España usually does and it works so wonderfully way. For their main story "Anja y sus chicos" (Anja and her boys) my favourite model in the world (she's my laptop wallpaper) dresses up in Givenchy, Pucci and one of those fringed Versace dresses in blue to reinterpret the 70's. And to do so she surounds herself with remarkably underdressed models Andrés Velencoso, Jon Kortajarena y Oriol Elcacho, who also happen to be the most iconic Spanish male models of the moment. The story, shot by Alexi Lubomirski and styled by fashion director Belén Antolín, proves that a studio shoot doesn't have to be boring. Watch the making of the video here.

They also devote a broad story, "Lección de Anatomía" (Anatomy lesson), to six women with very different body types. This is a constant topic to be discussed in fashion and recently brought to the frontline of news by Erin O'Connor. My other favourite editorial in the issue is "El arte de la seducción" (The art of seduction) shot by Camilla Akrans (who shot those beautiful Dior pictures for the last issue of Industrie). Malgosia Bela, the up-and-coming model of the moment wears Sissy Vian styling for this story. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!
I'm off.

[Pictures: Courtesy of Vogue España, TFS]


S.P. said...

I would trade places with Anja in those pictures ANY day.
strut mode

Diary of Style said...

Wow, I love this collage!

Kirstie Marié said...

Anja looks stunning in that Versace gown!

Reyes said...

ese vestido azul es jodidamente precioso