Thursday, February 17

A collection for monkeys

RZfw11Since I kind of got myself in a position to talk about style icons that become designers it seemed only fair to mention Rachel Zoe's collection, which she debuted during this New York Fashion Week. After creating several lines for QVC it must've come as a no-brainer for Zoe to step into the high fashion world, in which she's living for years. Her FW11 took a lot of inspiration from Rachel Zoe's personal style. We saw a lot of flare trousers and jeans and loose YSL-inspired dresses as well as her signature fur gillets and her giddy platform suede boots and ankle boots. There is definitely a lot of retro classics from the big names of fashion, especially from YSL and Gucci with a hint of Marc Jacobs. This is just Zoe's first collection so she's just gathering forces and expect a The Row/Victoria Beckham hit collection very soon.

I'm off.


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