Friday, February 25

Giovanna in No. 21

GiovannainNo21I have had such a busy week I haven't really been able to blog properly everyday. I am still trying to catch up with the last London shows and start with Milan. So far, I am in love with Gucci's fedoras and fur (the whole palette, I loved) and Prada's sirens. I will get up to speed over the weekend and report appropriately but in the meantime I wanted to post this picture of Giovanna Battaglia at the Gucci party on Wednesday night. SHe wore a jumpsuit by one of my favourite designers, Alessandro Dell'Acqua, from his No. 21 line. How cool does she look?!

I'm off.



Juliet said...

looks great on runway on off it!

Juliet xxx

City Girl (EC1) said...

She looks amazing, love jumpsuits and this one is very cute! Giovanna does it again :) Love your blog! xx