Thursday, February 10

Inspired LOVE

For the last few weeks there has been such a buzz about LOVE's fifth issue, which came out this week. They slowly built up the hype by releasing one by one each of their now trademark multiple covers. The first, with Kate Moss tenderly kissing Lea T. in the mouth, set the tone for the rest. Funnily enough 'The Androgyny Issue' suits Justin Bieber's controversial cover like a glove as a title. Not quite the other three, but let's not get into the semantics. This is also LOVE's biggest issue yet. Which, in the case of the magazine, makes it comparable to a coffee table book. Once submerged in the issue you'll be amazed by the quality of the quantity. However, there are two editorials that I particularly liked. The first is 'Razz Matazz', shot by Mert & Marcus (my favourite photogs of the moment) and styled by Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand. I love the kind of retro look of part of the shoot, which works so wonderfully with M&M's plastic colours and intense tweaking. The styling and combination of colours are simply genius, as could be expected from Grand.

The second shoot, 'Gloss!', was shot by Sølve Sundsbø and styled by Victoria Young. There is a very plastic feel to these images too. I am not the first one to think of Barbie, with her shiny plastic skin, perfect tan and red lips. Alessandra Ambrosio looks absolutely astonishing in the bold SS11 hues. I especially love her in the two-piece Versace. This shoot made me think of the one she did for Vogue Nippon a while ago styled by Anna dello Russo. She just looks incredible in anything.
I have also been keenly following theLovemagazine twitter page lately and I am in awe of the great publicity campaign they've put together. It's simply inevitable to have seen their covers plastered in any corner of London and, let's face it, when you see LOVE written so big, you feel it.
I'm off.

[Pictures: TFS, TheLoveMagazine twitter]

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