Monday, February 14

Victoria Beckham FW11: pushing the envelope

It's incredible what Victoria has managed to do in just a few seasons. From a well-received collection of body-con classic dresses she has quickly created a respected brand celebrities and any woman wants to wear. For FW11 she created very minimalistic dresses in bright hues. I loved how she reused the colours and materials and simply changed the cuts to show how there is nothing else but good taste and skills that you need to create stunning pieces. For next season she also introduced coats of pure lines very much in line with the first part of the collection. Alongside these, we saw other more relaxed looks in greys, beiges and khakis as Victoria's interpretations of the safari trend, one we rarely see in the winter. All of it accompanied by slick chic black turbans and knee-length suede boots. It's a matter of time before we see Vicky herself wearing these. Just wait for it.
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