Wednesday, March 16

RZpregnantWe all knew Rachel would get pregnant after the last episode of the Rachel Zoe Project. And she had advised us on her not giving up on fashion despite getting heavier. She has totally lived up to her word so far. Endless websites report, half in awe and half in bewilderment, of her choice of 6-inch Brian Atwood platform shoes at 28 weeks pregnant. Personally, I think that Rachel has never looked better, especially after putting on a few pounds. And I love how she has already trademarked a pregnant look: black leggings, black loose top, sun hat, and Givenchy's Antigona bag. It seems like her threat of giving birth in a vintage Chanel kaftan were very much a declaration of intentions. I just hope we get some snaps of the moment.

I'm off.

[Pictures: Zimbio,,]


Witty Prmt said...

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Coco's Tea Party said...

28 weeks? She's almost 40 weeks now. That baby is coming any moment. So excited!