Tuesday, March 15

Rihanna pulls an Ariel for Anna

For one reason or another the cover of American Vogue always seems to be a big deal. I have to admit I did find Lady Gaga on the cover to be quite a significant nod from Anna to the singer's status in the fashion world. But there was nothing unusual on the cover apart from the Haider Ackermann she was wear, a rather uncommercial choice for Vogue. However, it is the April issue that I am more fascinated about. Rihanna, wearing Pre-Fall11 Chanel and shot by the legend that is Annie Leibovitz, looks somewhere between awkward and beautiful flanked by two full columns of text, which I hate. Almost as much as the, if I may, pooping pose. The cover also screams Vanity Fair to me, which might just be because Leibovitz shot the cover, no?
I couldn't help myself. Ri-Ri looks so much like Ariel from the Little Mermaid it's unreal. Which, again, suits Leibovitz a lot as she is in charge of shooting those amazing Disney pictures for Vanity Fair every year. I also started to think how cool it would be if Rihanna did a new version of the film wearing lots of custom-made Chanel and singing "Only Girl (In the World)" to the Prince or "Shut up and drive" with Sebastian. It'd be an absolute hit.
I'm off.

[Pictures: TFS, Style.com]

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