Friday, March 11

Versace Atelier SS11

I first posted the pictures of this collection about a month ago I was kindly asked by the Versace people to take them down because they had been leaked. I understand they have now been officially released to I can repost this. It made sense for the pictures not to come out until now because so many Oscar attendees, and Jessica Alba at the BAFTA's, donned many of the looks. And I repeat what I said then. I can't understand how this collection was labeled as boring when Gucci's bland attempt at quasi-Couture (their Premiere line) was so warmly received. It's not Versace Atelier's best by a mile (that happened in 2009) but most of the line is still much better than Marchesa's or Elie Saab's. If you overlook the slight copy of that Givenchy dress, it's a very good collection.
I'm off.


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Lindsey said...

Eh I don't know how I feel about this collection. In one hand it's really cool and imaginative, but on the other hand it seems to be a little too much, like they can't stick with one thing and so there's just a little bit of everything thrown in.

I do love the dress you picked for January Jones, though. That dress is phenomenal!