Friday, March 4

Who's that girl?

TeresaPalmerWITGI normally don't pay too much attention to celebrities I don't know so it's something of an event when I start remembering a face whose name I don't know. And that's what happened with Teresa Palmer. She started popping up here and there when she was said to be dating Adam Brody (a downgrade from Rachel Bilson, if you ask me) but I didn't notice her until the last few weeks when she started her press tour for the film 'I am number four'. I was surprised to see such a relatively unknown name wearing key SS11 looks from big brands. She looked pretty incredible in the turquoise Pucci mini dress and its black maxi cousin but it was the two Versus SS11 looks (one below and one here) and a Christopher Kane (despite the dreadful hairstyle) that really impressed me. She still has a lot to learn but she's definitely one to look out for.

I'm off.


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