Tuesday, April 26

Gossip Girl Fashion- “Petty in Pink”
Gossip Girl finally came back last week after a (ridiculously) long break. Unfortunately, I was out of town for a few days and I couldn't post about last week's episode. The truth is I keep growing bored of the show after each episode. The plot is reaching levels of ludicrousness that even someone who watched The Hills back to back can't stand.
Thankfully, the fashion is just as good as it used to be and that is enough, for now, to keep me entertained for 40 minutes. I love that they have brought back Blair's French prince (everyone knows France is a republic, right?) and her stunning pair of Roger Vivier Maréchale pumps, which inevitably remind me of Carrie's Manolos.
This is the first time in months I have seen someone wearing Marchesa without rolling my eyes. It annoys me how much American celebrities resort to the brand for easy (and original) red carpet looks. However, Serena looks pretty incredible in this short number from FW10. I don't know if it's the light in the show or if the dress is actually a different colour but I like it a lot better than the original either way. It's nice for a change that there's no huge cleavage —the neckline is very Lily but the body-con fit and the trail make it flirty and cool. I also like the fact that she's wearing a 'messy' ponytail rather than her usual boho take on hair that goes with everything but it's just too easy.
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