Monday, April 11

I'm starting to see a continuous thread through recent American Vogue covers. Leaving the amount of text on the cover aside, I am slightly weirded out by Reese Witherspoon's facial expression on the May cover of the magazine. She looks as awkward as Rihanna on the cover of last month's but this time there is something slightly diabolical in the look as well.
Otherwise, I think that the hairstyle and the cover dress are beautiful and perfectly chic. The styling for the rest of the story, by my beloved Tonne Goodman, is classic and understated but sumptuous in its own way, exactly the way I like it. Even so, I find any of the other Peter Lindberg shots a lot more charming and elegant, I wish they had carried that onto the cover. My favourite thing about this editorial is how they have managed to create new images with Reese and the elephants in a way that reminds me a lot of Richard Avendon's quintessential fashion picture, the famous 'Dovima with Elephants'. It was very clever of them to reference such an iconic picture and make something relevant with it.

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Jen said...

I totally agree with you about her expression.. and yes, the styling is spot on...
Love your blog!

Thanks - Jen

E. said...

I love this so much. Peter Lindbergh did a fantastic job.