Wednesday, April 6

VogueChinaMay2011In the last couple of days I've put together a few posts about the new April and May magazine covers I've been bumping into online. And none of them have made it online because looking at the edited pictures I realised none of them looked new at all. Some big names like Vogue Italia have suddenly started to do very odd things on their covers, almost tacky combinations of font colour and styling while the Australian Vogue and Harper's Bazaar have done really nice covers and stories that go a bit away from the typical Vogue stuff. But the cover I've liked the most so far is Vogue China's. Frida Gustavsoon covers the May issue in a very close shot and styling that might make you think it's from the 30's or 40's. The Dior inspiration is very evident but I like the fact that the blue eye shadow gives it a modern twist. As I often do, I wish there was less writing on the cover although I have to admit I love the fact that the Chinese characters make the 'Vogue' title a little smaller and push it to the right. It looks very very nice and classic.

[Images: TFS]

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E. said...

I agree this cover has that special, classic 'vibe from the past' about it. Wonderful, wonderful post. The history of fashion gives it depth, like in art.