Thursday, April 28

It is true that if you put Ashley Olsen in a pair of shabby pyjama bottoms and a tattered tank top I would probably still find her insanely attractive and stylish. Just as it's true that moments like this make me believe she's the one for me.
On her last outing in New York my favourite part of the Olsens wore a Jil Sander suit from the collection. She paired it with Chanel sandals and a breton striped t-shirt. As I've mentioned many times before Jil Sander's spring 11 line is on my top 5 of the season. So this perfect combination must mean we're destined for each other?
I love how Ashley wears the suit in such a casual way and how the fact that she's rolled up the trousers and blazer gives the impression that she's just grabbed something from her boyfriend's closet and ran out (I would be willing to share).

What do you think of Ashley's look?


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