Thursday, April 7

DiorsunglassesI've never been too keen on sunglasses trends, especially that big wave of huge round shapes that covered half of the face. I'm more of a classic man when it comes to shades and so I mostly stick to my Way Farers and Aviators. There are always exceptions like Tom Ford and Chanel sunglasses, which often reinvent old models in very chic ways. And that is what Dior has done for their line of sunglasses for the summer called "Les Marquises". I really like the 'Diormohotani' models, which are Dior's take on the Way Farer, but I absolutely love the 'Diormotuoni'. They are so incredibly pin-up 50's and I love how they have played with different colours of mother of pearl for the frames and a different one on the legs. I also love the fact that the different colour combinations are all very Dior and go in line with the summer collection's Hawaiian setting while still being pieces you can wear through the season. If, to that, you add how stunning Karlie Kloss looks in them, it's just too hard to resist.

[Pictures courtesy of Dior]

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