Wednesday, May 18

Erin Wasson for Vogue España June’11VogueEspañaJunio11
Are editors reading my blog? It feels like the people at Vogue España might be listening to me. Or maybe they just know better. I absolutely love the yellow font, especially at the top where it almost blends with the background, giving a different touch.
There is too much text, though. How beautiful would this cover be with just Erin on the steps and a small headline to the side? Despite this, I do love the picture because Erin usually gets styled very boho/rock & roll and I love this classic slightly retro look on her. I can't wait to see her story inside, alongside Andrés Velencoso. I have a feeling it's going to be something in the line of one of my favourite editorials.
My other reason for wanting this issue so badly (it'll hit newstands tomorrow) is the piece on the new Balenciaga Museum in Guetaria (Basque country, Spain). The museum opens this summer and I am already dying to visit because it was something long overdue and because Getaria is such a lovely town. The Basque country holds brilliant art and architectural pieces such as the Guggenheim Museum and Jeff Koons' flower puppy so the design of the space will definitely be extraordinary as well.

[Courtesy of Vogue España]


Paula said...

That is so odd that they would open the Balenciaga museum in Guetaria. I was there last year, and it doesnt seem suitable for Balenciaga. The town is too small!!! We should start a platform to momve it to Madrid so that I can visit every week!!

Bernd said...

Totally agree with you there.