Thursday, May 5

Because I make this post this week a lot of my friends like to talk about what happens and what doesn't every week at Gossip Girl. And I'm happy they do because it helps me know I'm not going mad. Every week I think the show gets more dull and everyone agrees. The fashion usually makes up for it. Except for this week, that is.
Apart from Blair's beautiful Jenny Packham dress all the looks were nothing out of the ordinary. The only other thing I would probably point out, which comes as a nice change, is how Serena has stopped wearing odd layers of uneven tops and jackets and has chosen skinny trousers that suit her better.
I didn't even got to enjoy a breakfast or brunch in this episode. So I had to be contented with the (very!) cool Blair Waldorf phone.
Let's hope next week's brings a little more drama than "The Princess and the Frog".

Are you still watching Gossip Girl?


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Sunniva said...

I also think that the show is growing more and more dull, but the fashion and styling keep me glued to it. I am also loving the slimmer silhouettes that Serena is wearing now - they show off her figure perfectly! xo