Thursday, May 26

The chic alternative to the ‘trikini’
From left: Phillip Lim, Matthew Williamson Escape, Hervé Léger, La Perla, Diane von Furstemberg
As I've mentioned before I've recently become quite a big fan of the editorial work of Elle Ukraine. I haven't been able to get an actual copy but thanks to the Internet I can follow.
I really liked the 'Sleek Swim' story from their June issue because rather than showing crazy poses on the sand in unrealistic beach looks they have picked fashionable swimsuits that are still wearable. Two of them, one by Hervé Léger and one by Diane von Furstemberg, feature cut-out details, which I love. I've always preferred full swimsuits to bikinis and I've always hated trikinis because they look rubbish and the term not only sounds like a joke but it doesn't make sense.
I find these choices with cut-outs on the stomach super sexy and extremely elegant. That's why I had a look at the options Net-a-Porter is selling this summer. I understand that they are not the best for tanning but I'm hoping some stylish women give it a try...
Would you wear one?


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