Sunday, May 22

Collage Sunday 22.05.11- Charlotte Olympia, the new classiccharlotteolympia
It has been a while since I last posted a Collage Sunday so I thought I'd turn my original idea for today's post into one. I know shoe designer Charlotte Olympia (Dellal) has been around for a while but I'm been really getting into her style lately. Just as Louboutin would do with the (trademarked) red sole Charlotte created her signature style by exposing the front platform of the shoe, which is usually merged into the design.
In her SS11 collection she's combined this way of making shoes with a Spanish inspiration. There is a lot of espadrille wedges and platforms and flamenco-inspired polka dots. However, for today's collage I had a look at her previous collections to pick my favourite pieces by her.

Happy Sunday!



Natalytan said...

Me encantan! los rojos! y los negros de tacón amarillo!! y quiero est año unos como los negros cubiertos de esparto! KJSKL HSDKJFHLDJFLK FSSÑLDFLDG

ñakis regálamelos! jajajaja

STEFANIE said...

the polka dot ones are just too cute!