Tuesday, May 24

Emmanuelle channels Madonna & Coco for ‘Down Town’
I've never hidden my fascination with Vogue Paris. It's my favourite of the magazine's editions and, regardless of what's been said, I think Emmanuelle Alt is doing a remarkable job with it after a somewhat weak first issue.
One of the stories in the latest Juin/Juillet issue, 'Down Town' shot by Inez and Vinoodh and styled by Joe McKenna, is a standout and my favourite. Sasha Pivovarova stars in it with a mixed inspiration of maculin, feminine and free alliances of always favourite pieces —a good coat, the classic jean or your accomplice blouse, in the words of the magazine.
To me, it's a brilliant amalgamation of two styles. Firstly, Gabrielle Chanel's garçon look, which she herself sported for the first part of her life, as illustrated by Audrey Tautou on 'Coco before Chanel'. It takes from Coco the manly tailoring and oversized fit (which also reminded me of one of Marylin's famous pictures) and the sportswear pieces she famously brought into high fashion such as the Breton striped t-shirt.
And secondly, Madonna's 80's style. From it they draw the references to popular urban pieces such as classic high waisted jean and elements like the headband bandana, the hoops and a rock'n'roll attitude.


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