Sunday, May 15

...Kim Kardashian is wearing it too. Or is it when Britney has chosen it as well? The fact is that both Brit and Kim have worn the exact same Hervé Léger geometric-print dress this weekend.
Being completely fair, the dress is a lot kinder to Brit's figure than it is to Kim's. This is also one of the most modest choices Britney has made in the last few years. It covers more than this week's other Hervé Léger number and it definitely feels more demure than her 'geek chic' look or her take on the LBD.
Looking at it from that perspective I suppose it's Kim that should've known better. She is usually very over-the-top but I did dedicate her a Collage Sunday and I had my reasons for it.

If anyone form Britney's organisation reads this please accept this as my formal application to be Britney's stylist. In the meantime, please don't do any more mid-calf boots. Specially in May.


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