Wednesday, May 18

Gossip Girl Fashion- “The Wrong Goodbye”GG4x22a
"The Wrong Goodbye" is probably the best episode of all Gossip Girl season four. After the first 20 minutes so many things had happened I had to check twice to believe the episode wasn't ending yet. There's drama, happy moments, comebacks and forwards into the future. A very round season finale, I'd say.
Alas, half of the episode's fashion is recycled from last week's as the action picks up where it was left then. But the last 15 minutes are packed with fabulous moments like this one of Serena to the right. Her Hervé Léger (?) is geniusly accessorised with a silk scarf belted at the waist and a pair of tassel earrings. I'd say this is the coolest look Serena has worn in the entire season.
Her second look is just as perfect. After all, that lazy hair she likes to wear is perfect for a beach ensemble, no? And I would've never thought of the sarong/denim jacket combo. It seems a little odd when you stop to think about it but it works. Bravo!
This week Georgina made a sudden (if pretty damn pointless) comeback to the show. She never got it quite right in terms of styling and nothing has changed in that respect. She wears a Marchesa (...) for which I have no words. It looked slightly better on the runway back in 2007 but Gerogina turns it into a perfect WAG look.

Blair also had one of her worst fashion moments in this episode with an Alberta Ferretti mohair coat that made her shoulders as wide as Don Draper's. The embellishments on the lapels, which could have been cute on, say, Lily were too much when combined with her Alexis Mabille dress.
However, I will overlook this bad choice given Blair is part of one of some of the best moments of the episode. If someone can make Chuck laugh like that she can definitely afford to make a couple of wardrobe faux-pas.
And finally some questions that I ask myself, you, the show and anyone who cares to read them. First of all, when do Serena and Blair ever pack themselves? I suppose Serena's 4 pieces of luggage are achievable with just one pair of hand but Blair's 6 pieces and growing seem to much to handle without Dorota, no?
I was also very confused about Blair's ring. I might have not paid enough attention to past episodes or perhaps I don't know the first thing about jewellery but last time I checked a man gives a woman a diamond (the bigger the better) as a sign of engagement. And last time I checked diamonds didn't have an odd yellow colour?
And obviously the question that we'll all be asking ourselves and each other until the show comes back in September/October. Whose is the pregnancy test? Blair has obviously been doing this and that with this one and that one but who has Serena had hanky-panky with lately?


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Paula Heras said...

OMG Iñaki!!!! Its a canary diamond!! Its one of the most precious of them all. It is THE ultimate engagement ring!!