Wednesday, June 22

Britney wants to go (presumably to get more Loubs)BritneyIwannago
Britney's new video, 'I wanna Go', came out today and it looks like we've finally got out old Britney back. The vive of the video is very 'Do Something', which is also one of my favourite music videos by her.

In terms of fashion she is taking baby steps. But she is taking them. The first scene is a close up of her Christian Louboutin leather studded stilettos as she walks into the press room. The rest of the outfit is also a bit more old Britney but she looks pretty awesome in it. And I love the fake colourful highlights, they're pretty old fashioned but they really suit her, no?
Otherwise the video is pretty fun. My personal favourite is when she says "f*ck you" to the journalists and all her "daring" moments throughout the video. 

Who knows, maybe after two or three more videos she'll be back up to her old standards of unique awesomeness. You can't tell I'm a fan at all, right?


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