Wednesday, June 1

How to do Cruise- Erdem 2012Erdemcruise12
I have to admit that so far I don't feel very strongly any of the mid-season collections that have come out, which is odd in me. And I am particularly in awe of the Erdem Cruise line.
I love it when designers try to do something fresh for this very commercial 'seasons'. They are also the clothes that are stocked in shops for the longest period of time so it makes sense that they're slightly less fashion forward to be for sellable.
I am particularly keen on the plain dresses with the lace and/or embroidery focused on a particular part of the dress. And I love the printed flower shoes! It seems genius that they've finally done them. The shapes are super classic and I love the fact that they look slightly Charlotte Olympia with the half-detached platforms.


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Lou Lou said...

I am OBSESSED with Erdem! Just come home from a long hard day at work and it's so nice to see such beautiful dresses to cheer me up! I'll have to look up the rest of the collection. Thanks for sharing :)