Thursday, June 23

Eva Mendes channels a bit of 60’s Sofia LorenEvaMendesSOFIALoren
I normally don't have too many nice things to say about Eva Mendes' style. I can't quite put my finger in what it is that makes a lot of things look just not right. But when she makes a good choice it's spot on!
This on the right is one of those moments. Not only the yellow camisole is perfectly chic (it reminds me a little of this Versace collection) but the shoes and bag are s great match for it. I would've said she was heading to a boat party in Cannes if I didn't know she was in LA. My favourite of the outfit, though, are the huge round sunglasses and stunning gold earrings.
The way she wears it all and how she's done her hair is so 60's and reminded me a lot not only to Sofia Loren's iconic style from that epoch but more especially of one of her looks from the film "Arabesque" in which she starts alongside Gregory Peck. If you haven't seen it you must as it's, in my view, one of the most stylish movies I've ever seen and Loren changes an insane number of times.

PS. Yes, I do realise I posted a lot of videos as of late. We live in a multimedia universe! Got to take advantage of it!

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