Monday, June 27

Rosie & Cameron’s hit-filled month
I was originally thinking of doing a 'Best dressed of the week' post today but going through the pictures I had been saving lately I noticed there were mostly of these two ladies. So I decided to write about both of their very stylish last few weeks instead.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has really become a celebrity during her 'Transformers 3' promo tour. Everyone is talking about her. And how could they not when she has consistently smashed it on the red carpet and at tv appearances.
There has been quite a lot of Michael Kors. The most memorable have been the fuchsia side-slit (I loved how the closed neck was balanced with the showing leg), the black leotard and the belted sheer maxi skirt and the nude jumpsuit look. I loved the variety and the fact that she completely changed the hair and make up to suit the dresses.
I also loved the yellow and black number from Gucci's fw11 collection. It was almost like a night version of Michael Kors' sheer skirt but she wore it so well. We have seen people like JLo in pieces from the same collection but they've let the dresses wear them. Rosie does the opposite.

Cameron Diaz has also been on a promo tour, for her 'Bad Teacher' film.
In her case we've seen no variation in terms of designers (apart from some J Brand jeans) because she was apparently wearing Akris exclusively. Anyone else would have probably looked very boring in a few of these outfits but Cameron gives anything that California girl playful twist of hers. I did absolutely love the sandals, which funnily enough were the only item not by Akris (by Serio Rossi).
Her looks were a lot less fashion-y than Rosie's but I love how Cameron's style sense is quite down-to-Earth and almost quintessentially American. She looks better than most people in skinny jeans and stilettos so why try anything else?

Are you a fan of Rosie's or Cameron's fashion choices?

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Richarsson said...

estoy con Cameron. Me gusta la sofisticación de Rosie pero luego veo las fotos de Cameron y me muero de gusto. Lo dices muy claro, en otra persona su ropa resultaria aburrida pero ella tiene su toque...