Wednesday, June 15

Skylar, like, totally shuts it down
[Rachel Zoe, Bugaboo]
I remember I first read about the Missoni collaboration with pram company Bugaboo. I thought it was a genius idea to have the iconic Missoni zigzag pattern on blankets and canopies because they're, apart from very stylish, super fun.
Also then I considered making a post about how this pram was so perfect for Rachel Zoe and her new baby boy Skyler Morrison. I discarded the idea because I felt like Rachel would actually never get it. After all, it came out months after Skyler was born.

Well, I should have followed my first instinct because who posted a picture today pushing the designer stroller? Yes, bananas! Nothing goes better with her mainly black ensemble, Proenza bag, crazy flared jeans and panama hat. And it matches her bed spread too.

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Fashion Celebration said...

lovely Rachel <3