Wednesday, June 15

Riccardo Tisci borrows from Raf Simons’ garden
A few of the biggest names' —Gucci, Lanvin, McCartney, Céline, Pucci— Cruise 2012 collections were published yesterday on One of my favourites from the group was Givenchy. I love what Riccardo Tisci has done for the brand from day one (which is why I get so scared about the Dior rumours) and I am even more into this game of layers, graphics and sheers that he started recently. His resort creations for the brand follow a very similar line than his fw11 collection but in a softer more feminine way, AKA: no raging bulldogs.
Instead, he's integrated florals, of which we also saw a little for the winter collection. However, as you click through the pictures the flowers become more and more like what we saw on Jil Sander's huge summer hit collection both for women and men.
I would have put this post on the copycat category if it weren't for Riccardo's involvement. Instead, I prefer to think that he admires Simons' work so much he kindly asked to borrow his flowers over a Lady Grey tea in a Florentine garden.

Would you rather wear Tisci's or Simons' design?

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