Tuesday, June 21

H&M confirms collaboration with Versace
This morning, after a couple of hours of unconfirmed (but pretty likely) rumours, H&M confirmed that next on the line of their famous designer collaborations will be Versace.

Donatella herself explains how she has been looking into the archive to make sure that the DNA of the collaboration is 100% Versace. We can, then, expect some of the iconic Baroque gold prints mixed with colours. Ahead of the curve, of course, is Lady Gaga, who has already dug into the Versace archive for her latest video. Coincidence? I think not.
The collection will hit stores worldwide on November 17th so it will still be a while before we even see a preview. However, I think it's safe to assume that, together with prints, we'll see long gowns with crazy side-slits in bright hues and white and there will also be a lot of super short very daring dresses and skirts with prints and studs. We'll sea a lot of leather, strapless tops and huge sunglasses and handbags.
Are you excited about this collaboration?

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