Wednesday, June 29

Christopher Kane goes over the rainbow
This collection made me excited about Resort! Who other than Christopher Kane, one of my favourite London designers, could take a cruise collection (the most commercial of all) and do something extremely creative with it!
At first look, I wasn't too convinced about the rainbow theme. It is one of those things that just seems to obvious. But as I kept clicking through to more looks I started changing my mind. It was probably the silver lame dress with the pleated skirt and collar and the rainbow top that changed my view on the collection.
The cuts are quite simple but very Kane. Classic necklines and uneven hemlines. But what I loved most was the combination of materials. Only looking at the pictures I can't tell if a dress is PVC, silk or lace. But the fact that something might look like something it's now makes it exciting for me.
I absolutely loved the neon green sandals and a few of the pieces outside the rainbow thread like this stunning pink number.

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