Friday, June 17

How to borrow covers by Vogue Korea
You might remember how a couple of weeks I blogged about Vogue India's recycling of the American Vogue cover with Rihanna. I talked about how much more I liked the recycled version. Well, here is another example of that.
For its July issue, Vogue Korea has borrowed Vogue Paris' cover story from June/July. This time, rather than recycling the cover picture of Isabeli Fontana in the purple dress they have taken one from the inside shoot and turned that into the cover. I must admit I love how it works! The colours make it feel a lot more summery and I love the different font, a lot funkier that most Vogues use.

What do you think of it?

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S.P. said...

I agree, the Vogue Korea cover is much better!
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