Monday, June 13

Emma Watson & American Vogue’s best cover in months
If you read Know Wear often you'll be really aware of how I haven't been too happy with the last few American Vogue covers in terms of photography, crops, styling, layout... Well, I can finally say that I love this one!
Emma Watson covers the July issue shot by Mario Testino and styled by Camilla Nickerson. Everything about the cover and the story inside is absolutely spot-on. The burgundy and orange work brilliantly together and feel both summery and sophisticated. The headlines, while still overpowering, have been reduced in number and increased in size, which somehow works quite well. The hair and makeup are stunning and slick. I particularly like the intensity of the lips, which are the centre of attention in the picture, and the very subtle eye shadow.
The editorial inside follows the same line. Very intense colours and quite a lot of metallics. I am in love with the Tom Ford chain-mail top and the brass feather skirt just as much as with the Prada paillette dress. These choices seem quite edgy for the American bible, something that makes me very happy and gives me hope for future issues.
Check out the whole shoot here.


Coco's Tea Party said...

Personally I think US Vogue have produced some of the best magazine covers this year. This is another fab one.

Corve said...

i can't wait to get this