Monday, July 11

Couture’s closing celebration at Grace’s spot
Yes, I know, I love posting about silly little connections with no relevance. But even after Valentino's post yesterday I could hardly resist to post about this too.
One of my favourite moments from 'The September Issue' is Grace's trip to Versailles when she is standing is one of the galleries overlooking the gardens. And I love it because have similar moments when I visit anywhere built before the 19th century. It's almost as if I felt guilty for missing such incredible moments in history. Kind of emotional. But don't worry, I'm not getting soppy here.
The Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, the organisation which looks after all things HC, threw a huge party last week to celebrate the closing of the couture shows. And the venue they chose was the Grand Trianon, the Louis XIV commissioned retreat Grace found so inspiring.
I'm unaware of whether this is the usual location for this event but I suddenly found myself daydreaming about attending this year's party and sipping champagne next to Rick Owens, Michele Lamy, Haider Ackermann and Christian Louboutin and together looking at the fireworks over the French jardins...

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