Monday, July 4

Vogue Italia bets on something different
Franca Sozzani is the only Editor-in-Chief who is keen on tweeting and does so often. And it doesn't look like the does it to boost her confidence looking at how many people care about what she has to say. Instead, she uses her influence to make thousands of people discuss current topics.
This attitude she has online is the reason why she has been the editor of Vogue Italia for 23 years (she started on the year I was born). Vogue Italia is one of my two favourite editions of the magazine because it's not commercial. It is very Italian, which is often mistaken with commercial. It is also quite traditional in content but extremely fashion-forward and daring when it comes to covers and editorials.
After last month's much talked-about cover with the plus-sized models (one of the most beautiful Vogue covers in a long time), Franca puts her bets on Gucci's 70's collection for the July cover.
I love how they have slightly muted the colours to give the cover a very soft feel and I am ecstatic about the fact that they've used colour and not black, white, grey or location for the background. As I am with the choice of colour for the magazine title and the one (and only) headline. You know how I feel about busy covers. This one put its point across with three words.

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