Wednesday, July 13

Is it a plane
Vogue Paris
I've been hesitating between posting the new cover of American Vogue with Sarah Jessica Parker in Burberry or the August cover of Vogue Paris. Eventually, I've gone for the latter because I really did not like SJP's one and I was once told that if you don't have anything nice to say is better to say nothing. A rule that I normally don't follow but hey, it's Vogue Paris.
I first chuckled when I saw the plane because, really, why would you put a plane on a cover? "Le best de la rentrée" gives the issue a sort of a theme and starts to make sense of the cover. Although I'm not sure of whether Lara Stone (shot by Inez & Vinoodh) has just come back from her holiday (plane leaves) and so she starts prepping for the new season or if she just arrived to the beach for her holiday and that's why the plane leaves.
The fact is that, whether the idea behind the cover composition is BS or not Emmanuelle Alt is at least trying something different. I really love the styling, very Vogue Paris, and how the black outfit really contrasts with the beach landscape.

Est-ce que vous aimez?

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wow so gorgeous!!! Love the stockings!
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