Wednesday, August 10

w11 Coats
It's kind of funny that I decide to post about FW11 coats this week when I am away on holiday at the beach. I guess it's made me realise We're mere weeks from fashion week and, hence, it's time to think of the new season.

Zara's TRF brand has some really great choices for this winter. My favourite are the oversized green and beige tweed coats. It's such a light and warm material and it's also quite soft, which is a great combination for winter. But the best bit about them is the cut. I love the A-shape and small collar of the green coat and the cropped sleeves and oversized lapels of the beige one. They would look so nice with a skirt and ankle boots in the winter or with a sort of garçonne look like the one in the middle.

Have you chosen your FW11 coat yet?

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Magnet said...

Hey, the way this blog is set out is great! I'm going to link you on my site the next time I update :) ah those coats are nice, but not for me. The winter in Australia is almost over, but my 'coat' for this winter was also from Zara ha.