Thursday, August 4

Introducing the PS11 by Proenza Schouler
A year ago around these dates I posted about the best bags to take to fashion week. The first one on my list was Proenza Schouler's PS1. I believe it hadn't been around for too long then and only a year later it's become a staple, something like Mulberry's Bayswater. The PS1's different sizes were excellent for so many occasions. In fact, I am still longing for the big one as a travel bag!
But now, when we all shall be preparing for fashion week once again, Jack & Lazaro have launched a new model of bag –the PS11. You would think that it can't get much better than it's older sibling but, believe me, it can!
The PS11 comes in the classic shoulder bag shape but also as a clutch and a tote. What makes them special and what makes me like them so much is the metallic grid fastening at the front. It's like a chic hardware detail to what is otherwise a classic messenger bag whose size has been reduced and lines have been updated.
You can get yours at the Proenza Schouler website. Net-a-Porter also sells the clutch.

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