Tuesday, August 23

Nina Garcia wears Preen on Project Runway
Style.com, MyLifetime.com
I am really trying not to post about Project Runway because I know that I will get into it and I will end up doing weekly posts on each week's episodes like I do with Gossip Girl. But that's too much work.

I am really enjoying the current season so far –contestants are fun enough, though they have big egos, and the judges know they can get away with being meaner. I have loved Nina Garcia since season one because she's so dry and chic. And this season she's feeling really verbal about her opinions.
She is also wearing a lot of beautiful pieces from the FW11 season. Only a week or two ago she was wearing an incredible mini dress by Lanvin. But my favourite Nina look so far has been the one she wore for the episode in which the contestants need to create an outfit for her. She wore this amazing Preen FW11 blouse I remembered form the catwalk. Nina wore a black top underneath it to keep it classy and demure as it was originally see-through at the front. She also accessorised it, and this I found très genius, with hardware cuffs making the look a lot more personal.

Are you watching Project Runway?

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