Tuesday, August 23

Florence Welch covers Vogue Japan
I don't quite understand how the timing of Vogue Japan works. I remember having a copy of the September issue in my hands at the beginning of August and now that all the September issues are coming out they release their October cover? Confusing.

In any case, Florence Welch in Ralph Lauren on the cover is genius. As it is the fact that Karl Lagerfeld shot it. He should do a lot more editorial work because he's such a good photographer. In fact, I am more keen on his photography than I am on his Chanel collections sometimes.
Their August cover was excellent but their September one was a bit of a disaster –I hated the styling and the pose– so it's great to see them back in shape.
Just as they did with the Vogue Paris cover, people have been complaining about having a celebrity as the face of the issue. The way I see it, if you do mostly models and you pick your celebs because you really want them on the cover, what's the problem? Despite even the crowded text, this is a brilliant cover!

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