Tuesday, August 30

A stellar cast for Vogue Italia’s September issue
Vogue Italia has been the last of the big titles to release it's September cover. And what a cover!

Stella Tennant emaulates Ethel Granger –the late 1920's woman who held the world record for the smallest waist (13 inches/33 cm) until 1998. It is a very avant-garde indeed concept, very Vogue Italia.
To pull off the impressive cover the magazine brought together the most prestigious group of professionals –Steven Meisel for photography, Karl Templer as Fashion editor, Pat McGrath as makeup artist, and Guido Palau as hair stylist.
It's such a daring cover concept to actually carry out but the result they've got is very impressive. A Prada coat perfectly photoshopped at the waist top it all off. If you look for pictures of Ethel you'll be impressed of how close this image is to the real ones.

Now I just can't wait to see what's inside. And the cover has created such high expectations...

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