Tuesday, August 23

The Making of Prada Candy
This week Prada launched the commercial campaign for their new fragrance –Prada Candy. The tv commercial is rather edgy in Prada's very particular way.
The whole concept for the video was done around the Apache dance, which they explain on the "making of" video to the right. I have watched it a couple of times because you can hardly imagine it's an ad for a perfume campaign.
Apaches must have not known the difference between dancing and fighting really well because watching the video you can't tell whether they're paying homage to The Matrix or Dirty Dancing. I love the bit when the girl, Léa Seydoux, is thrown against the wall (that reminded me of Twilight) and the detail of the pink underwear is cute in a slightly odd way.
I hardly making any sense trying to explain all of this so it's probably better if you watch the video –you can see it here– after watching the making of it.

Courtesy of Prada

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Daisy said...

I really like to see behind the scenes, this was fun and rather exciting !