Tuesday, August 2

JLo covers Vanity Fair’s September issue
I have never been a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez. Her style has always been a little too out there for my taste and although I loved her early stuff (she was at her best in 'Waiting for tonight', in my opinion) all her music since 'Jenny from the Block' has been pretty blah. But I don't have anything against her. She does look stunning every so often in inappropriately short dresses.
While writing this I also realised I had never posted about Vanity Fair. It's always been one of my favourite magazines, even before I got obsessed with Vogue, but I guess I regard it as serious and that's why I never comment on it.
Well, JLo covers the September issue of Vanity Fair with the first exclusive interview (that didn't take long, did it?) of her break up from Marc Anthony.
She looks absolutely incredible in the Mario Testino pictures and the cover dress. It's very JLo (aka: endless cleavage) but it works just great. And, I'm not going to lie, I'm a little intrigued to read what she has to say...

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Joy said...

She's gorgeous here, but sadly I was never really a fan. Great cover though!